We provide analysis and consulting on your makeup water and boiler water depending on materials and equipment used. For additional information, also take a look at our guidelines page .

For instance makeup water can be:

  • osmose water
  • rain water
  • ground water 
  • city water 

Details on our measurement capabilities​ :

Acidity pH
Conductivity (mS/cm)
Chloride Cl (PPM)
P- alkalinity CaCO3 (PPM)
M- alkalinity CaCO3 (PPM)
Calcium CaCO3 (PPM)
Magnesium CaCO3 (PPM)
Total hardhess CaCO3 (PPM)
Total hardhess (°dH)
Iron Fe2+ (PPM)
Iron (total) Fe(tot) (PPM)
Copper Cu2+ (PPM)
Aluminium Al3+ (PPM)
Ammonia NH4+ (PPM)
Bacteria (CFU/ml)
Silicon SiO2 (PPM)
Sulphate SO42- (PPM)
Sulfide S2- (PPM)
Ortho-phosphate PO43- (PPM)
Total phosphate PO43- (PPM)
Tolyltriazole C6H5N3 (PPM)
Molybdate MoO42− (PPM)
Ciro ox d (PPB)
Ciro zuurstofbinder (PPM)
Ciro lt ox (PPM)

Deposit analyses